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Red Hairstyles-Marcia Cross

Red Hairstyles Riveting this Spring!

“Red Hairstyles Get Noticed”Red hairstyles have a whole lot of color shades going on in spring 2010!! The shades and hues of this seasons red hairstyles are not for the timid. If you want to turn some heads with a hair colour that WOW’s em’ this summer, think RED!!

Natural redheads have milky light complexions usually with a speckling of freckles, think Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, or Marcia Cross. But there is a red hair shade that will work for just about everyone. Red hairstyles do need a bit more TLC however so here are a few pointers.

  • Condition – condition, condition, condition! Make sure your hair in it’s best condition to hold and reflect the best red hair colour. Red hair colour tends to slip out of the hair quickly especially when dry and damaged.


  • Shampoo less often – shampoo less often, in tepid, not hot water with a colour shampoo like, Redken Color Extend Shampoo


  • Use a colour booster between coloring – Ask your colourist for some ‘color-to-go’ that you can apply between appointments. Or, try an at home colour glaze like, John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze. This adds a hint of hair colour and shine and can be used in the shower.

Who can wear this red hairstyle?

Red hairstyles like Marcia’s fiery locks, can be worn by almost everyone. Olive complexions should stay away from this shade of red. This red hair color shade has splashes of gold and strawberry to give depth. Get this colour from your professional hair colourist. Most hair will need to be lightened and then toned to the right depth for you.

Red Hairstyles-Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan’s famous auburn red hair

Who can wear this red hairstyle?

Red hairstyles like Lindsay Lohan’s are apt to suit a wider variety of skin tones than any other shade of red. Auburn is a sort of brownish red with varying depths of either colour. But again the red will tend to fade, so keep hair in top condition to look it’s best.

Red Hairstyles

Burgundy Red Hairstyles

Who can wear burgundy red hairstyles?

People with golden skin tones should stay away from burgundy red hairstyles. For others, keep in mind this hair colour will make a statement and can look punky or have a splash of sophistication to it. Burgundy has a depth of a deep brunette with bright wine high lights.

Red Hairstyles-Hayley Williams

Who can wear bold red hairstyles?

Red hairstyles like Hayle William’s should ONLY be worn by the young and the brave . . . but even there I would beg to give caution. But, hey it’s 2010 and this generations reds make a statement all their own! Bold red hairstyles like this one verge on being orange or pink and really should have an emo scene hairstyle to bring out it’s moxie! For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.

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