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How To Style Fine Hair

medium length fine hair

Secret Weapons to Style Fine Hair

I think I can go out on a limb here and say that if you’re reading this, you are one of many fine haired women who struggle with getting your hair to hold a style, to have some body, volume or lift . . . Am I right?

Your problems are most likely twofold. . . But neither of these problems are insurmountable. Here’s how I see it . . . to get a great hairstyle with fine hair you need two things; an impeccable haircut and the know-how of how to style it.  Not impossible!

The Cut Is Important

Getting the right haircut is first and foremost. Cutting fine hair is an art; if it’s not properly shaped it falls flat or worse, it shows uneven lines. Do your homework by asking friends, family, strangers on the street, in the mall, or at the grocery store for referrals. If they have fine hair and a haircut you like or think is especially well done, ask for the referral . . . they will be flattered you asked, really. You may have a few misses before finding your Edward Scissorhands, but your efforts will pay off big time in the long run.

How To Style Fine Hair

Every hair type has its quirks for coaxing it into a great, long lasting hairstyle and fine hair is no different. If you’ve taken the first step to finding a great hair stylist, they will be instrumental in cutting it right and steering you towards the right type of styling products for your haircut. However, the hair products you use today may need to be changed down the road, depending on how your haircut changes and sometimes because of the change of seasons.

style fine hair

Short fine hair looks fabulous when cut into chipped, uneven edges and disconnected layers.

  • To encourage volume with short hair start with a lightweight root-lifter.
  • Dry by roughing it up with your fingers while quickly using the blow-dryer.
  • Use a 1″ curling iron to add movement, volume and direction to layers.
  • Mist with a finishing spray


style fine hair

I think this chin length layered bob is a great look for Paris Hilton. It works great by maximizing volume and body for her fine thin hair type. Consider face-framing highlights which will give dimension and depth to the hairstyle. Also highlighting or bleaching the hair gives it more fullness and volume from roughing up the cuticle. To style:

  • Try a new sea salt-based mousse to swell the cuticle of your hair.
  • Blow-dry with a round brush. Apply heat to the roots, lifting straight up, then winding down to the root.
  • Use ‘cool shot’ on each section before unwinding brush, to set the bend at the ends.
  • Spray lightly with volumizing spray. Or, finish with a volumizing powder you shake onto the crown area and fluff with fingertips.

style fine hair

This long layered hairstyle works great with fine hair. The layers are long enough to add volume and shape but not too long to go flat when styled.

  • Start with damp hair and add a volumizing mousse or spray to the roots.
  • Flip head upside down and with the hair dryer on high pointed at the roots, massage your scalp. This will rough up the cuticle layer and give more volume to your hair.
  • When mostly dry (85-90%) flip back up to finish.
  • Spray lightly with a thermal spray.
  • Using a round brush (preferably one with a metal interior) and blow dryer, lift and roll each section, heating with dryer and finishing using the “cool shot” to set the curl. This step makes a big difference in holding the shape you just put in.

If you don’t have a ‘cool shot’ button on your hair dryer (or you don’t have one that works) you might want to consider investing in one. Blow-dry styling is trending now. Ionic technology, among other options, works to make the job of styling hair faster and leaves  hair softer, shinier and in better health than ever before.  You can find a new hair dryer that won’t break the bank and will give you all the options you need. And if your hot tools aren’t up to snuff with new technologies, do a search on Amazon or Folica and read reviews for your best buy.

For more thin hair ideas check out our Pinterest Thin Hair Board.

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Surprising Mistakes You’re Making Between Hair Appointments

between hair appointments

What Hairdressers Know About Keeping That Salon Look Longer That You May Not Have Considered

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying $50 or $200, no one wants to waste money and time with unnecessary visits to the hairdresser. An average head of hair grows at around a quarter of an inch per month, which means that most hair stylists recommend a haircut every 4-6 weeks.

Even if you don’t mind spending time sitting in the hair stylist’s chair you’ll want to make sure that your haircut looks as good as possible for as long as possible. The Online Hair School is run by professionals with decades of experience, and we’ve put our heads together to come up with a basic, but a very comprehensive guide to keep that salon look longer between hair appointments.

between hair appointments

What To Do On The Day

For starters, don’t tie up your hair on the same day as your haircut. This will not only spoil that ‘just cut’ look, but can also ruin your hair stylist’s careful work in the long run and cause your hair to slip into those dreaded waves.

Additionally, you should never use your fingers and hands to set your hair. Fiddling with your hair will undo all of that careful brushing and blow-drying which your hairdresser used to achieve a certain set. If you absolutely have to make some adjustments (particularly if you suffer from unmanageable hair) then make sure you use a brush (but never a comb!).

What To Do That Night

Many of our students and clients find that in the days after getting a haircut their hair tends to twirl just a bit. This is easy to avoid if you remember to use a moisturizing conditioner to set the hair and keep it manageable.

We swear by the benefits of using serum, it not only helps to set your hair, but creates a silky soft appearance. After you’ve conditioned, rinse your hair with cold water to seal the outer layer and then apply the serum to set your hair.

between hair appointments

Taking Care Of Your Haircut By Taking Care Of Your Hair

If you don’t take proper care of your hair you’re going to find yourself sheepishly traipsing back to your hair salon in less than a month between hair appointments. As the only way to deal with split ends is to cut them off, preventing split ends is one of the best ways to extend the life of your haircut. This said, remember to never ignore split ends as they have a tendency to travel up the hair if left untrimmed.

Every celebrity stylist, shampoo ad, and beauty magazine have their own ‘secret’ tools in the war against split ends, but if you’re careful and keep to a few simple rules then you can avoid split ends and put off your next haircut.

Always brush your hair before showering, as brushing helps avoid your hair becoming tangled. Make use of moisturizing shampoos, and ensure that you concentrate your use of the product on any split ends. Use only the tips of your fingers on your scalp and never rub hair together as this will tangle it. Always rinse your conditioner out with cool water to help seal the hair’s outer layer and protect against the outside world.

After washing, squeeze dry your hair with a towel rather than rubbing it, as rubbing can also tangle the hair and will cause breakages when brushing. If your hair does become tangled then invest in a good ‘leave in’ conditioner or de-tangler to help relax the hair. Avoid using hot tools as much as possible; in reality any more than twice a week is really too much. When you absolutely have to use a blow dryer be sure to aim the hot air at the roots and midsection of your hair rather than at the ends.

between hair appointments

Choosing Your Haircut Wisely

When you’re considering a new look think about how much maintenance you want to do in the future. If you choose wisely then your haircut can last you for several months, growing out to look like a longer version of the original style. If this sounds like an attractive idea then to go for a longer, layered cut which will grow out well.

For those of you who prefer to go for a shorter look, it’s a good idea to talk to your hairdresser about going with a ‘pointy cut’ on the ends as this will lead to softer edges as it grows out. Shorter bangs and blunt cuts are always going to need regular maintenance, so avoid these if you’re tight on time or money.

When you’re committing to a style for the long-haul its worth considering paying slightly more for the initial cut, because a skilled hair stylist can create a look that is style-able for several months.

A hairdresser having a conversation with client on a couch in hair styling salon

Talk To Your Stylist

Because every head of hair is different the best advice we can give you is to consult your hairdresser. They’re the person to talk to about the best products and techniques for keeping your haircut looking its very best between hair appointments.


Contributing author Online Hair School This post was put together by the good people over at the Online Hair School, the world’s first online source of quality tutorials in the art of hairdressing. We have created a wide catalogue of simple, no frills, step-by-step tutorials hosted by professional hairdressers with years of experience. You can follow Online Hair School on Twitter for straightforward tips, tricks, offers, and more.


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Frizzy Hair Fixes DIY Insider How To Secrets

Frizzy Hair Fixes

Frizzy Hair Fix; Find Out How

We have all needed a good hair fix for frizzy hair at one time or another. Frizzy hair can creep up on us out of nowhere sometimes . . . especially in summer, so here are some ideas for a frizzy hair fixes if you come down with a case of the ‘frizzies’.

Hair Fix for Summer Frizzies

Summer frizz is usually caused by damaged hair along with the hot, dry weather that comes along with summer. Frizzy hair is the result of dried out strands. So what is the hair fix for summer frizz? Moisture, moisture, moisture! By using a deep conditioner weekly, you can help prevent dried out frizzy hair.

One deep conditioner I really like is Enjoy Hair Mask, because it leaves your hair feeling silky smoothed and super moisturized. Another good practice is to rinse your hair with water and apply a conditioner before you get into the pool (or ocean). The conditioner will act as a barrier to any chemicals from the pool or harsh salt water from the ocean and give you ultra moisturized locks at the end of the day.

Frizzy Hair Fixes

Frizzy Hair Fix When Humidity Runs High

A shine serum is a great fix for frizzy hair! Humid weather, like the kind you can find in Florida, is also a big cause for frizzy hair. A shine serum is a great hair fix for humidity. Shine serum tends to not only be good shine enhancers, but great frizz fighters too. To fight frizzy hair in humid weather, try blow drying hair until it is completely dry and then using a shine serum to finish your style. Silicone, which is a key ingredient in shine serum, helps to combat humidity and fight frizz. Try a shine serum like Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss, that has silicone in it. I use this one all the time before and after styling to keep my strands frizz free.

Frizzy Hair Fixes

Hair Fix for Flyaway Hair

Dryer sheets are a quick and easy hair fix for flyaway hair! Maybe you don’t have a problem with the frizzy hair as much as you do with flyaway hair. If this is the case, your hair fix may be sitting on a shelf in your laundry room now. Next time you find your hair full of static and uncontrollable, reach for a dryer sheet to help combat your problem. You can run a dryer sheet over your brush, comb or even over your strands for a quick hair fix for flyaway hair. When flyaways are the problem, you can keep a dryer sheet in your purse for a quick hair fix . . . and as an extra bonus; you will smell as fresh as clean linens!

Frizzy hair can be combated with one or all of these hair fix suggestions. If need be you can carry a ‘hair fix kit’ in your purse. Your ‘hair fix kit’ can include a travel sized shine serum, dryer sheet or maybe even a hair band for those ‘can’t be fixed’ hair days. Hopefully these hair fix helpers can get rid of the frizzy hair for you once and for all!
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