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9 of the Hottest Hairstyles Right Now

hottest hairstyles

Hottest Hairstyles for this Season

Goodbye fall, hello winter! It’s time to break out our boots and scarves and mix it up. It’s also time to take a look at the seasons hottest hairstyle trends! What I love about trends is that they evolve each season- I don’t see completely dramatic changes, we see updates and upgrades to the hottest hairstyles of the year, and this fall/winter is no different! Braids, ombre, fringe and topknots are still some of my favorites. Check out these simple on-trend looks I love this season.

Hottest Hairstyles


Braids are still hot hot hot right now! The beauty of a braid is that you can place it anywhere on the head and creatively mix it with most looks. Whether you have your hair all up or half up, braids are great ways to add texture and romance to your holiday style! Remember to pull apart the braid for a softer, more whimsical look. For some grip throughout the braid we love Redken’s Powder Grip™- tap a little powder throughout the base where you place the braid and it’ll hold all day and night. To finish a braided look, spray Redken Shine Flash™ all over.

Hottest Hairstyles

The topknot is always a classic trend and it works so well for an effortless holiday hottest hairstyles glam-up. For a sleek polished look, use Redken Workforce™ working spray to smooth once hair is pulled up. Don’t be afraid to create an “undone” topknot either if that’s your preference; imperfection can be absolute perfection with this look! Bold lips work really well with a topknot so have some fun with color this season!

Hottest-Hairstyles-ombre ombre Ombre color is still on trend but it’s evolving and becoming more gradual rather than an intense “dipped” contrast. We are noticing softer and more subtle tones this fall and winter. Brunettes are playing with reds and golds while red heads are playing with coppers and browns. Ombre is a great way to add visual interest without changing the overall tone of your hair. It’s also a totally low-maintenance style that allows a ton of flexibility! I am loving Redken Chromatics hair color and the fabulous new Flash Lift lightener. Try putting yourhair up, that will show off your ends color too!

o Hottest Hairstyles

Check out the subtly in color for these ombre applications . . . they are barely there but add just enough dimension to make the color story interesting and reflective! Most often, less is more and this example is no different.

Full fringe is back with a vengeance. Winter is always a good time to try on fringe- it works with most face shapes and looks great with straight or wavy texture! If you get bored of straight full fringe, you can always sweep it to the side. Fringe is an easy way to completely change a look without doing much to the structure of the style

We encourage you to make an appointment at your salon and try out these hottest hairstyles this season! Let your hairstylist or colorist know that you’re ready for an upgrade this season and have some fun!

Contributing author Jennifer McGann Vice President of Education at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Jen has worked in the Cosmetology industry for 15+ years as a salon technician, educator and freelance designer. Since 2005 at Tricoci University, Jen has been passionate about the development of the finest educators and students, delivering the season’s hottest trends to students and helping raise the bar for beauty education in our industry. Follow Tricoci on FaceBook and Twitter

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