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What’s Your Best Hair Style if You Have Fine, Thin Hair?

Thin Hair

Have Fine, Thin Hair? Take a Look at These Options

Fine Hair

Fine Thin Hair Styles

An inverted bob is a classic cut for fine hair or thin hair. The shorter hair in back pushes the longer hair in front out and the graduating layers in back stack up for fullness above the occipital bone.

What's Your Best Hair Styles-Fine Hair-Thin Hair

A Short Crop Hair Style

A short crop mussed into a bed-head style.

A shag haircut. Wispy layers allow for fullness in fine hair.

Fine Hair

A Short Shag Haircut

A short shag haircut with choppy layers adds fullness to thin hair.

What's Your Best Hair Styles-Fine Hair-Thin Hair

Cropped Haircut

Cropped haircuts make fine hair and thin hair look thicker

Too much hair product is the kiss-of-death for fine hair and thin hair. Less is better than more when it comes to using product on your hair. Stay away from hair conditioners and other products that will weigh down the hair. Fine, thin hair usually looks its best when shampooed daily with the appropriate shampoo. Look for a daily shampoo or a volumizing shampoo that will leave your hair ‘squeaky clean.’ The cleaner your hair, the more body it will have.

There are countless products and styling tricks that promise to make fine, thin hair look more voluminous, but the best way to build volume into fine hair or thin hair is with a great haircut!

So, what’s your best hair style? For more thin hair ideas check out our Pinterest Thin Hair Board.

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