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Hair Wave How To

Kate Hudson with long wavy hair

Hair Wave . . . Tips for every hair type

So what if summer is over? Celebrity hairdresser Theresa Marra Siliceo, whose resume includes As the World Turns and Law & Order: SVU, reports that if your hair has a natural bend, making hair waves in winter’s drier conditions is totally do-able!

Begin by combing through freshly shampooed hair with a wide-tooth rubber comb. Then gently blot it dry with a towel. (Rubbing hair will lead to frizz.) Here’s how to get waves, depending on your hair type:

  • Fine Hair ~~ Apply Bedhead Superstar Thickening Spray to damp hair. Then take 1″ sections and clip them into pin curls with small clips. Dry completely with a hair dryer or hood dryer, says Siliceo. Remove clips, and finger-comb for a natural-looking finish.
  • Medium Textured Hair ~~ Let hair dry naturally, or blow it out over a round brush. Wrap 2″ sections around a vertically held, medium-sized curling iron to achieve full, wavy hair style.
  • Thick Hair ~~ Apply Bedhead Curls Rock Leave-In Moisturizer to damp hair. Spray on their Curls Rock Booster, towel dry hair a second time and place large clips at the roots for lift. Then while scrunching dry hair with a diffuser on a low setting, re-mist with Curl Booster, squeeze sections, and remove clips.

Hair wave article courtesy of Harris Publications. For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Wavy Hairstyles Boards.

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