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Hair Health and Eating Disorders


You can’t hide an eating disorder from your hairdresser

Maybe you saw the articles on Yahoo news today that scientists now know that hair strands can reveal evidence of eating disorders. They’re hopeful this will help in early diagnosis of these types of diseases. Often persons with eating disorders deny, lie or simply don’t think they have a problem which can lead to more serious hair health problems.

Good hairdressers have always been able to tell, by the feel of their clients hair, if something is “out of sorts” with their health. Certain drugs, illnesses and some diet changes can make a persons hair texture change in a noticeable way. (The hair usually will feel more brittle, lack body, lack luster and shine, feel coated and not react well to hair styling methods.) and is often accompanied by hair loss issues.

“Good hairdressers know about your eating disorder”

Don’t be led into believing that you can buy anything in a bottle, that could be as effective in the healthy look of your hair, as a healthy diet and lifestyle. I’m not saying hair care products don’t make a difference on the look and feel of your hair, they certainly do. But, they can’t change the makeup of your hair. Hair care products are a topical solution. Real growth and stability of healthy hair, happens from within.

Here’s an excerpt that Reuters posted from a study released Monday by researchers from Utah’s Brigham Young University:

A study released on Monday by researchers from Utah’s Brigham Young University found that examining carbon and nitrogen in the proteins of hair could reveal information about a person’s day-to-day nutrition.

Dietary changes can be measured in head hair after a month of growth and the team is now looking at leg hair and beard growth as well, which could show signs of changes in diet after only six days. Hair grows by adding new proteins to the base of the strand and pushing the strand up out of the hair follicle.

The make-up of the proteins is influenced by a person’s nutrition at that moment, researchers said.


So, that’s that . . . it’s not really a surprise to learn this is it?

A good diet and healthy lifestyle are the backbone to a hair health.

I know, I know, nuf said . . .


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