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Count me out on the Fall Hairstyle Trends

I’m a bit disappointed watching the new hair styles shown at the Fall Runway Shows in New York, Milan & Paris. Bored . . . is actually a better word for it. I mean it’s sooo back to early 70′s!

I’m dating myself now, I know, but I remember when my sisters and I came up with our own version of a great “blow dry style,” before the hand-held hair dryer came out in 1971. The hair to model at that time was, Cher, with her long silky straight hair parted in the middle. Now, my sisters and I had been blessed with thick wavy hair that had a mind of it’s own. You know the kind, never waving in the right places, a bit frizzy and of course, we wanted Cher hair . . . smooth and sleek.

We figured out that, at least in the right seasons in Minnesota, we could drive around Como Lake, one driving and the others with heads out the window, brushing the hair with tension in the wind. It was a quick way to get beautifully straight and shiny Cher hair. The cool outdoor air, closes the cuticle on the hair and the force of the wind leaves the hair shinier than drying with a hot hair dryer. We have friends who still remind us how funny we looked doing our hair styling routine with heads out the window and hair blowing in the wind.

According to the Fall Runway Hair, you’ll be seeing an updated version of the early 70′s look. They are showing the long hair, parted down the middle, with a softly styled casual look to it. (Actually, I think we looked like this too, when we left the hair go natural.) Some of you may also remember setting your hair in orange juice cans and sleeping on them!


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