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Mid-Length Hairstyle How To

Mid-Length Hairstyle

If You’re Looking for a Mid-Length Hairstyle Try This Stunning Look

Bring your thick, mid-length hairstyle to life with long layers that add kick to the ends. When hair is roller-set, you can go longer between trims because the shape is set-in. To customize the cut, Eman Ellaham of Fantastic Sams in Southern California parts hair asymmetrically and adds shortest layers on the heavy side. This adds soft curve and makes the most of naturally thick hair. The longer back is cut into a slightly curved line, so the back blends into the sides perfectly. Even if you don’t set your hair, it takes on the swing and movement that’s the hallmark of healthy locks.

  • This Mid-Length Hairstyle Works Best If:

    • Your hair is medium to dense in volume and medium in texture.

    • Your hair is straight or has some natural wave.

  • This Hairstyle Requires:

    • A roller set. For a long-lasting set, start with damp hair and use medium and jumbo-sized rollers. Set the sides in the medium rollers, winding just the last few inches around the roller. Set the entire back on jumbo-sized rollers for body and curve. Once hair has dried, unwind rollers, brush out curls gently and turn the back under.

    • A trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • This Hairstyle is Not Recommended If:

    • Your hair is too fine to create lush curls when set.

For more great mid-length hairstyle check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles board.

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