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Clip in Human Hair Extensions on DWTS

Pamela Anderson wearing human hair extensions on Dancing With the Stars
“We use clip in hair extensions on everyone in the show!”

Dancing with the Stars 2010 has all sorts of tricks up their sleeves in making their contestants look flirty, tantalizing and delectable. And now we know for sure that a BIG part of those magnificently mussed hairdos are done with clip in human hair extensions. So don’t feel bad if you don’t have as much hair as Pamela Anderson . . . it’s a fantasy!

Co-host Brooke Burke, with Velcro rollers in tow, shows us some of the tricks-of-the-trade used by hairdressers, makeup artists and wardrobe professionals in this behind-the-scenes video of a typical dress rehearsal from the show. From contouring make-up on Tony Dovolani’s abs, to collagen patches on Kate’s crows-feet and the night before spray tanning sessions for all to have that healthy, even, glow . . . it’s show business, it’s make-believe, it’s Hollywood!!

Head hair stylist Mary Guerrero admits everyone on the show wears clip in hair extensions. I figured most are clip in human hair extensions as she is seen backcombing some with curling irons nearby and speaks of using products on them (you are not suppose to use products on synthetic hair extensions) “The secret of locking in the hair extensions, says Mary, is using products, hair clips and rubber bands that we criss cross pins to, so that it will be ready for stunt hair.”

Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Clip in human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions because they will hold up to curling, coloring, washing straightening and even perming. So think before you buy. If you think you may want to change the color or style of your hair extensions, I suggest you opt to spend a little more up-front for a product that will last and be as versatile as you are!

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