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Hair Talk Terminology Glossary

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Hair Styling Industry Jargon Glossary of Hair Terms

The other day I was on an audio consultation with a student from my online class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! and I used the hairstyle term “graduated layers“, I could tell by the tone of her response that she had no clue what kind of hairstyle I was talking about. I had been guilty of using insider buzz words.

When an insider talks with an outsider the conversation can become gibberish real fast. How do you feel when you have to converse with tech support? They even have a term for it they call it “geeking out“.

I couldn’t help wondering how often in my almost 30 years in the hair styling business have I been guilty of using “Hair Talk” that my clients had no clue what I was talking about, but where too embarrassed to say “would you restate that in English”.

I think it is time I create a glossary on the site of industry buzz words, don’t you? But I need your help, I’m too close to the forest I can’t see the trees, I need your help. Please share with me those confusing terms that you have heard your hairdresser use that you would like to see included in the glossary.

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